[colcontainer][span n=4]Consult

Step 1 – Consultation

One of our designers will meet with you here in our shop, via phone or email, or on-site (schedule request) to discuss your initial ideas, and help to establish a balance between your wants, needs and what works best with the space you have available.

They will be asking you questions to better understand the scope of your project. Please, be as prepared as you can be to answer these questions. Examples include: Size requirements? What color(s) does it need to be? What material(s) will it be made of? Expected longevity of your signage? Where is it going to be placed(indoor or outdoor)? Do you have artwork or will we design for you? Who will install your signage? What is your expected budget for this project? And the ever important, most underestimated question…..When is it due?

These details play a pivotal role in how our designers will quote and produce your project. At this stage it is also a good time to show our designer any images, screenshots, samples etc. of themes or styles that you prefer so that you can be guided towards products that suit your taste and style. An Estimate may be provided once these details have been discussed. Sign Pro requires a minimum order of $50 on any project. All orders subject to sales tax unless exempt. Proper paperwork must be provided to Sign Pro in order to reflect this exemption.

[/span][span n=4]Design

Step 2 – Design

If you are happy with the Estimate amount and the details in which it specifies, there is a $50 fee which indicates that you would like to proceed to the next stage. These fees are required before any further design work will commence and are non-refundable. If your project proceeds to production, this fee is deducted from your final amount as a deposit.

At this point, your designer will prepare for you a preliminary design consisting of computer generated drawings. It is advised that you come to our showroom to review this artwork proof so that your designer can explain how the final product will look and show you examples if needed. If you can not make it to our shop, we will gladly prepare the design to be reviewed via email.

Revisions can be made to the design at this stage. Your designer will discuss with you necessary changes or explain to you if something can not be manipulated. Three (3) rounds of revisions are included in your initial Estimate. If further adjustments are still needed after these three rounds, your presence will be requested at our shop for a second consultation and will be subject to a $50 extended consultation fee. Your Estimate will be adjusted, if necessary, to reflect any changes that require addition or subtraction of materials and be re-submitted to you.

[/span][span n=4]Install

Step 3 – Completion

Once both the design and quotation is accepted, it is now time for us to work our magic. We will finalize the design and prep it for print and/or production, order in necessary materials, and complete your project. Also, at this time we will aim to provide an anticipated installation date and/or project completion date. Any changes made after approval will be subject to fees determined by Sign Pro based on its impact on the final product or scheduling.

If your project is such that does not require Sign Pro to install, we will contact you once it is finished so that you can pick up and pay the balance of your invoice. If installation is required, it will be scheduled to be completed on a date that works for both parties. Note: various cirmcumstances may affect installation such as, but not limited to, weather, traffic, local events, holidays, shop schedule, etc. Again, upon completion you will be required to pay the balance of your invoice.

Sign Pro provides limited shipping services. If you require shipping, please, contact your designer as soon as possible so that arrangements can be discussed or made and Estimate or Invoice can be adjusted to reflect request.


Sign Pro requires a minimum order of $50, a 50% deposit on all orders over $100 and will charge a minimum of $50 for any project needing to be rushed.